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Web Development @ Mindflyte
Mindflyte began in 1996 as a grassroots web design firm. Since then we have developed many branches of the company including software development and consulting. Our founding principles center around putting your best foot forward all the time.

In today’s every growing online marketplace some of the best companies fail to express their existing strengths and properly position themselves online. This symptom is not limited to small companies with limited budgets but right across the spectrum of all businesses.

Our strengths lie in bringing you to the top of your industry with your online exposure and then assisting in building any required applications that can streamline your companies day-to-day operations.

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Organic SEO & SEM
SEO is simply defined as the marketing that is built into your site so it ranks well online. Organic SEO further considers the methodology of how the website is built and how search engines crawl the data.

SEM consists of a broader range of economical actions which may be employed to promote a web site. SEO is a major subset of SEM.

Examples include: Listing websites, Email marketing through a CRM, Article writing, Blogging, Social Media, Pay per click ads, offline events covered online and many more. Each has their own function. Ultimately they are all used to spread your message on the Internet.

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