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    Real Estate Agent Websites

    Putting our best effort into making you look amazing. Our solutions are tailored to your needs.

  • Best Real Estate

    Website & Marketing Platform

  • Enterprise E-commerce Platform

    Our platform brings you to the next level of performance. Integrated POS, inventory, marketing, multi-website with analytics and more.

  • CRM Performance

    E-commerce, Infinity Marketing, Customer Profile and more..

Web Development

6 key elements Mindflyte considers when building your project are:

  1. Research your competition
  2. Plan a marketing strategy that works with your present and future operations and business.
  3. Design considerations
  4. Flow and function that makes sense
  5. Backend operational considerations to integrate all your employees
  6. Budget and planned ROI for your project.

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web development
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Our CRM solution takes the benchmark higher. We allow your company to manage everything from your website, customer service, sales, production, project management, and apply analytics to all.

Imagine a working environment where all staff are operating efficiently and your resources are always well utilized.

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E-Commerce & Point of Sale

This is a powerful enterprise grade solution that ties in brick & mortar to your website with multiple warehouses and vendors. This system has no limits except one's imagination.

Our platform carries the same robust features and profiling as the big box chains like Home Depot and Mountain Equipment Co-op.

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